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10 october 2015
"Expert RA" (RAEX) confirmed the reliability rating of IBG at A sublayer and raised to the 2nd
The rating agency "Expert RA" (RAEX) confirmed the reliability rating of the insurance company IBG at A "high level of reliability." Прогноз по рейтингу "стабильный".Кроме того повышен подуровень рейтинга повышен с третьего до второго.

The positive effect on the final rating have high values of current ratio (136.3% on 30/06/2015), and the adjusted net insurance liquidity (143.7% on 06/30/2015), a significant deviation of the actual solvency margin of the minimum capital (78.0% on 06.30.2015), the low value of net loss ratio (17.9% in the 1st half of 2015) and the combined loss ratio (94.3% in the 1st half of 2015). Кроме того, аналитики агентства отмечают высокую надежность и диверсификацию инвестиционного портфеля.

"Increasing sublevel rating due to improvement in the quality of reinsurance protection. The share of premiums, transferred to reinsurance companies without reliability ratings or having ratings of B + or below on a scale RAEX (Expert RA) and / or a similar rating of other rating agencies, in the aggregate страховых премиях компании снизилась с 22,0% за 2014 год до 12,8% за 1 полугодие 2015 года", - отмечает аналитик по страховым рейтингам RAEX (Эксперт РА) Диана Коваленко.

More detailed information is presented in официальном пресс-релизе компании "Эксперт-РА" (RAEX).
1 october 2015
Rostov: IBG became a member of the Association of Carriers of the Rostov region  

IBG has become a member of the Association of Carriers of the Rostov region. The main purpose of the agreement - the union of efforts towards socio-economic development of the motor transport complex of the Rostov Region; coordinated policy on the market of transportation services; facilitating the tasks to ensure transport safety.    

Compulsory liability insurance carriers (OSGOP) has always been one of the priority types of insurance companies. The success of this type of development is in close contact with carriers in a constant dialogue within the meaning of the major problems in the organization and implementation of traffic.    

Becoming a member of the Association of Carriers of the Rostov region, IBG has taken another step in the direction of improvement OSGOP.
31 august 2015
Yaroslavl: IBG is the general insurer of sports competitions "Golden race"  

IBG was a general insurer sporting event "Golden race" - urban obstacle course. The competition involved more than 100 young athletes who are under the protection of IBG.    

The company has always actively supported the development of sport, speaking not only to the sponsor and official insurer, but also a direct participant.          

So this time the employees of the insurance agency in Yaroslavl did not stay aside and took an active part in this event. The race was a distance to checkpoints orienteering sandwiched in urban terrain. Participants had to overcome roadblocks to pass a rope maze and all kinds of natural and artificial obstacles encountered along a route event.        
Director of insurance agency in Yaroslavl Bobkov Oleg Sergeyevich spoke with dignity and took the prize. All winners were awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes.        
Insurance amounted to more than 1 500 000, 00 rubles.

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